Josh's Journey
First Grade: “He doesn’t know how to write, spell or read his name”

First Grade was a better year emotionally for Josh. He had a lovely teacher that supported and understood him. He didn’t cry at drop off anymore! He also made some friends and was invited to a few birthday parties.

Josh’s academic issues however were getting increasingly critical. I went to open house night and noticed that Josh’s last name was spelled incorrectly, by accident, on the name card that the teacher had made and taped to his desk. All the kids had these name cards. I told the teacher about the mistake and she said, “I wonder why he didn’t tell me”. I told her, “He doesn’t know how to write, spell or read his name”. I don’t think she could have looked more concerned if she had tried. It was a look of horror really. I think that’s appropriate, it is how I felt, horrified.

Unfortunately  Josh  was found no longer eligible for speech because “he had met all his goals”. I expressed some concerns that he continued to confuse sounds but no additional speech language testing was performed. He no longer had an IEP so now it was back to SST (which I would like to rename school stall tactic instead of student support team).

I continued to request educational-psychological testing for learning disabilities because Josh continued to struggle despite participation in the Early Intervention Program (EIP) program for reading and math. Josh’s teacher fully supported me in my requests. The School District finally agreed to perform a psychological during January and March 2008.

What they found was that Josh performed on a beginning of kindergarten level but he had already been through kindergarten twice! By first grade he was already two years behind!!!